Compare Deals Aggregator Software

Feature Gipsell iConverge Clopone Deals Aggregator
SEO Friendly URLs Yes Yes
White label (Your own brand) Yes Yes
Users Subscription Yes Yes
Crawler setup for a daily deals website Yes Yes
IP-based deals display (IP-based route to user’s city) No Yes
Deals time counter Yes Yes
Deals value/Savings/Discount Yes Yes
Offer a global solution – Country + City support Yes Yes
Auto-Pagination of deals Yes Yes
Category wise classification Yes Yes
Ajax based filtering of deals Yes Yes
Filter by categories Yes Yes
City based deals Yes Yes
Facebook connect Yes Yes
Deal sorces upload yes Yes
Deal sources based search Yes Yes
Follow social media links Yes Yes
Content Management Yes(Dynamic pages) Yes(Fixed pages)
Forums/Discussion Board No Yes
Blogs management Yes Yes
Multiple Admins Yes Yes
Set Admin pemissions Yes Yes
Deals click statistics and analysis Yes Yes
View clicks by websites/categories/cities Yes Yes
Import sunscribers No Yes
Auto Grouping of Deals (With No Category Defined) Yes Yes
Social media of deals No Yes
List & Grid views of deals Yes No
Allow to add API detaiils in admin panel Yes No
Transactional codes in Admin panel Yes No
Showing latest deal first Yes Yes

* List given above is indicative of features of application and may change without prior notification in different editions and versions. Feature titles may have different meaning for different people. For details on any feature title mention above, please contact us.

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