Gripsell Fox-e Daily Deals Software

Ecommerce System

Daily deals ecommerce is the hot buzz around. Gripsell, the pioneer and a leading brand name in daily deals ecommerce software platform has built this ecommerce software specifically for verticals integration –  Restaurant, Daily Deals Ecommerce and Products.

We understand how difficult it can be to manage reservation system and daily deals script separately. While, most of daily deals ecommerce is around hotel and restaurant reservation system.

  • Gift A Deal

    Gift a deal allows buyers to purchase and gift daily deals to friend and family. Gifted deal coupon is delivered to person without having to pay for it.

  • eWallet System

    Allows buyer to manage balance in account for instant purchases. Refunds and unused instant deals are credited to eWallet system and available as usable credit.

  • Deal Buy Options

    Add multiple purchase options to daily deals or club deals offers that are attractive for differently targeted audience. Buyer selects the best suited daily deal option.

  • PDF Invoicing

    Deliver invoices in downloadable PDF format. Receipts of payments are available in PDF format. Manage compliance easily with this module.

  • Upcoming Deals

    Market the upcoming deals and inform users about the forthcoming deals offers on your website. Time bound wait help build buyers’ interest.

System Management

Manage your deals and reservation system with robust admin panel and let your business partner manage their business deals and offers from dedicated merchant panel. Managing content is as easy as editing on notepad. Built-in live editor for administrators help you edit deals  in live environment.

From press and media releases to content management, manage it all from single admin panel. Create multiple administrators to share the responsibilities.

  • Admin Panel

    Robust Admin Panel lets you manage almost all daily tasks from admin panel. Check Gripsell fox-e edition administrator’s help manual for details.

  • Live Page Editor

    Admin can edit the deals details in live environment (front-end live mode) with built-in deals editor. Changes are instantly updated and are live within a click.

  • Database Backup and Restore Module

    Don’t loose your critical data in any unforeseen situation. Take back up of your previous data from admin panel, or restore your site from previous data backup anytime.

  • Multiple Admins

    Share administrator responsibilities with the other executives. Create multiple admins to manage your day to day tasks and keeping your ecommerce system updated.

  • Press & Media Management

    Publish press and media coverage for your business from admin panel. Options to add press logo, title, and details adds to ease of operation and management.

  • Blog/Article CMS

    Manage your ecommerce system’s static content with built-in Blog/Article CMS management system. Publish daily articles without dependence on 3rd party CMS system.

Interactive Site Presentation and Layout

Gripsell Fox-e ecommerce software has responsive template and interactive style layout that is best suited for both Left-to-Right and Right-to-Left languages. The formatted flow of the site front-end changes with the direction of the language.

Added to it are the features like Google Maps, Nivo slider for index page, Pre-release countdown, IP based routing of the visitor, Deals categories, option to set deals page as home page, and Multi-city deals options.

  • Google Maps

    Show deals merchant on Google maps to the buyers. Easy to use latitude and longitude option lets administrator plot exact location on Google map.

  • RTL Languages / Layout

    Software supports both left-to-right and right-to-left languages. Add languages and manage translation in admin panel. Layouts are formatted for LTR and RTL languages.

  • Multi-city Deals

    Now it is easy to offer same deal at multiple locations of your business partner, across multiple cities. Add deals and map it to multiple cities, as required.

  • Deals Categories

    Offer to buyers an option to select and view deals and  from the category of interest. Let visitors interact with your ecommerce portal and view categories of choice.

  • Pre-release Countdown

    Creating market buzz for your new ecommerce portal is important. Announce your business and let visitors subscribe for updates. Pre-release count down shows time left to launch your business

  • IP Based Routing

    Presenting to visitors the information relevant to them is a key factor to engage them. Automate visitor routing to city information relevant to them based on IP address

  • Nivo Slider

    Promote your ecommerce business and offers with this home page slider. Engage visitors with quick information on unique selling points of your ecommerce site

  • Responsive Template

    Save the cost of investment in building expensive apps for iOS and Android. Gripsell Fox-e has responsive front-end template that best presents the information on device browsers.

Site Promotion

Promoting your ecommerce website primarily needs attention by the users and search engines. Carefully designed marketing strategy can help you save worth thousands. Instead of paid advertising, won’t it be good idea that your portal is SEO friendly and is preferred by search engines like Google.

Engaging new and past visitors can help build large visitor base and good revenue. Gripsell Fox-e is packaged with automated deals newsletter system that sends out new deals alerts to the subscribers. Deals on map help visitors locate nearby deals quickly and easily.

  • SEO URLs

    Gripsell Fox-e ecommerce web application has SEO friendly URLs and let admin define meta tags. Use of SEO URLs, H-tags, and meta tags make your website search engine friendly.

  • Google Sitemap Generator

    Ecommerce software generates Google sitemap automatically on the fly as soon as Google bot visits your website. Thus, page indexing remains up to date all the time.

  • Daily Deals Newsletter

    Gripsell Fox-e Ecommerce Software sends to subscribers the newsletter for newly posted active deals automatically.

  • Near By Deals / Deals Map

    Show deals on Google map and let buyers see near by deals. Wide map and deals marker help user locate deals at nearby locations.


Social media and socializing are two keys to success for online ecommerce portals. Gripsell Fox-e Edition has built in modules for social media sharing, discussions, and more. Buyers and visitors can interact with each other and administrators, and can share deals or refer friends to your ecommerce portal with easy to use interface.

Engage your customers with built-in forum for discussion or let them earn referral amount in their eWallet by referring friends and family. Gripsell Fox-e has system to credit referrals only at first purchase by referred buyer.

  • Discussion Forum

    Discussion forums are interactive channel for community discussion and interactions with administrators. Registers users can post their views and discussion topics in forum threads.

  • Refer a Friend

    Referral system allows customers to refer a friend or family by sharing their unique link, and thus, earn referral amount on first purchase by referred person. Amount is credited to eWallet of referee.

  • Social Sharing

    Customers can share or recommend site details, deals  in their social media network. It gives good social media exposure to your online ecommerce website.

  • FB Quick Comments

    Let visitors post their comments and views using their account. Comments can be shared on wall of the visitor as per their preferences.

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