Fox-e Resto Reservation Features

Features Description
Admin Panel
Manage restaurant Admin can add, edit restaurant details for the website and also he can delete a restaurant
Define available days of restaurant Admin can define the available days and timings of the restaurant so that the reservation of that restaurant will be available only in that time period only
Define price per seat Admin can define price for reservation of restaurant per seat
Multi city Admin can map multiple cities to restaurant
Geocoordinates based location address Admin can add mutiple locations for the restaurant along with geo cordinates
Reservation options Admin can assign mutiple reservation options of predefined types like cuisine, parking type,dress code etc
Menu options Admin can add mutiple menu options for each restaurant
SEO meta Information Admin can add seo information for each restaurant to allow better indexing in search engines
Featured restaurants Admin can set any restaurant as featured
Multi language Admin can add restaurant information in multiple location available in the website
All reservations list Admin can view all reservations purchased by the users and the reservations created by admin
Manual reservation Admin can create manual reservations and add user details to it
Reservation offers Admin can create offers in the website to allow any discount in the reservation of any restaurant and users will all the offers availabel in the website
Restaurant Reports Admin can view all reservations details purchased by users
Restaurant reviews Admin can see all reviews submited by users for each restaurant. Admin has to approve the review to show it in front end
Mutiple currency Admin can add prices in any currency and the price will be converted into respective selected currency by user based on the conversion rate added in the admin panel
Total orders countm by daily, monthly and yearly Admin can view the count of total orders of reservation created by users.
Count of newly created customers Admin can see the count of newly created cutomers
Count of recent orders Admin can see count recent orders purchased in the website
Count of recent reviews Admin can see the count recent reviews submitted by users
Count of suggested business Admin can see the count of suggested businesses
Graphical bar representation of order by each month Admin can see bar graphs of orders made in the website for each month
Activity report in dashboard Admin can see the recent logging admin user emails and errors of the website
Alert management Admin can see the list of alerts in dashboard
User Side
List of all restaurants Users can see the list of all restaurants available in the website
Filter by reservation option Users can filter the restaurants based on reservation option assigned to them
Filter by menu option Users can filter the restaurants based on menu option available in the website
Featured tags User can see featured tags for the restaurants which was set as featured by admin
Search restaurant by restaurant title Restaurant can be filtered by searching through restaurant title
Search restaurants by distance User can search restaurnats available within specified distance from entered address/location
Wishlists User can add restaurants in their wishlists and view the retaurants added into their wishlist directly
Detailed page of restaurants User can view detailed page of each restaurant which indicated more details about restaurant like description, availability timings and available seats
Live editor when admin log into the website, admin can edit the the details of restaurant from the detailed page of restaurant
Add new restaurant through live editor Admin can add new restaurant through live editor available at front end of the website
User subscription User can subscribe their email for newsletters of the website
Mutiple language User can view the website in prefered language out of languages available in the website
Multi Currency User can view the prices in required currency based on the conversion rate added in the admin panel
Restaurant map User can see all restaurants in a map based on their locations
Shopping cart User can add multiple seat reservation orders to the cart

* List given above is indicative of features of application and may change without prior notification in different editions and versions. Feature titles may have different meaning for different people. For details on any feature title mention above, please contact us.

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