Gripsell Advance Groupon Clone

Groupon clone script is a web application to setup your own daily deals website.



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Groupon Clone Features

  • Premium Features (Built-in)
  • Daily Deals Engine
  • Instant Deals Module
  • Side Deals Modules
  • Payment Gateway Modules
  • Multi-language
  • Commission Module
  • Secured Architecture

Premium Features (Built-in)

Gripsell Groupon Clone introduced premium features that makes your daily deals one of the best in the world. All these features are packaged at no extra cost:


  • Robust IP Address based city detection using MaxMind
  • Manage website front-end style from the admin panel
  • Supports 40+ Languages
  • PDF invoice module
  • City based background images
  • Pre-release Countdown
  • Suggest city based on IP Address Location
  • Automatic Google Sitemap Generator
  • QR Code in Coupons
  • FB Quick Comments
  • Website Stats (Coupons sold, Deals featured, Dollars Saved)
  • RSS Feed for Deals Aggregator integration

Backend (Admin Panel):

  • Quick Stats for sales (Today’s Sales, Monthly Sales, Annual Sales)
  • Graphs – New Users, Deals, Orders
    • Monthly
    • Daily
  • Activity Log
  • Database Backup and Restore Module
  • Commission Module – Earn commission per deal
  • Partners can add/manage Agents/Retailers (Shop Manager)
  • Easy Navigation Bar

Daily Deals Engine

Gripsell Groupon Clone’s deals publishing features are broad, comprehensive, and highly flexible.

  • Deals Image Slider
  • Wide Image Support
  • Social Media Share (FB with Count, Twitter with Count)
  • Publish the deal for multiple locations in multiple cities
  • RSS Feed/City
  • Category filtering
  • Deals zone (shows all deals for the city)
  • Upcoming deals module
  • Automatic deals alert:
    • Nightly, or
    • As and when deal is approved

Optimize your deals for Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. Gripsell Groupon clone has the following built-in features for SEO optimization:

  • Meta tags, keywords, and description option for every deal
  • Automatic Google Site Map (XML) generator

Instant Deals Module

Gripsell Groupon Clone onwards features ‘Instant-Deals’. Publish the deals that are ready to use (even say day or same hour)

  • Offer instant deals to your customers
  • Merchants can add/manage instant deals from merchant panel
  • Automatically credit backs purchase amount, if Insta coupon is not used
  • Google Maps Support – View Insta deals on Google Map
  • Insta Deals Hybrid Mode – Show Insta deals on Google Map as well as in List view
  • Category Support – Filter Insta deals for categories of interest
  • Address/Zip Code Search Function – Support for Google Map search for zip code or address
  • Locate Deals based on Address – Automatically locate and populate deals on Google Map
  • Directions and Street View Support
  • No minimum buyers required. No commitments required. Buy it use it!

Nearby (Side) Deals Module

Gripsell Groupon Clone has features Nearby deals (side deals) from same city. So users do no miss what more is available near them

  • Side deals widget integrated with featured deals page
  • Supported views:
    • Slide show
    • Stacked view
  • Timer control for slide show
  • Enable or disable from admin panel

Payment Gateway Modules

Gripsell Groupon Clone has the following built-in payment gateway modules and can support gateways that provide online API or IPN features:

  • AIM 3.1
  • PayPal IPN
  • PayPal Pro [Deprecated – Unconfirmed reports say that PayPal no longer issues Pro account to daily deals websites. Please make sure to verify with PayPal]
  • Pagseguro

Social Connect & Sharing

Gripsell Groupon Clone now features robust deals sharing module using which users can share the deal on 10+ social websites, social bookmark, and email the deals to friends and family.

Share deals through following Social sites:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Digg
  • Google Buzz
  • Delicious
  • Stumbleupon
  • Orkut
  • Tumblr
  • LinkedIn
  • MySpace
  • Yahoo Buzz
  • Bebo
  • Mixx
  • FriendFeed

Bookmark Options:

  • Favorites
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Live
  • Digg
  • Squidoo


Gripsell Groupon Clone supports 40+ languages and features multi-lingual deals (front-end multi-lingual support):

  • Supports 40+ languages (Front-end only. Admin/Business Panel in English)
  • Add deals in different languages and give your users a customized experience
  • Multi-language support for CMS system. Show static pages like privacy policy, terms of service, etc. in multiple languages
  • Add/delete/update languages options in the admin panel
  • Enable/disable languages
  • New ajax interface
  • Manage translation in admin panel

Commission Module

  • Define commission percent at merchant level
  • Change commission percent for a deal (commission % defined at deal level will override merchant level commission %)
  • Commission and sales information when a deal is tipped
  • Automatic financial calculations

Secured Architecture

Gripsell Groupon Clone is built on MVC architecture
secured in-house, and also offer enhanced security for your users:

  • New security architecture to introduce ring based token validation
  • Auto logout based on following security checks:
    • IP-based security check
    • Session based security check
    • Browser jacking security check
    • Atomic security check [Time based]
  • With the enhanced security for your users, Gripsell Adv Script patch will setup various security check points to feeble the jacking attempts, cookie/token watching programs, browser hacking, and session watchers

Groupon Clone now with more features

Refreshingly New Design & Templates

Groupon Clone is a new Gripsell Adv Script with the refreshing design and advanced functionality. Moving from traditional style of script to ajax based interface, Gripsell Adv script is first groupon clone script in the market to introduce highly user-friendly interface, along with the robust daily deals engine.


Enhanced Admin Panel

Groupon Clone Script has enhanced Admin panel interface. Stats are available, with the options to filter graphs based on – Users, Orders, Sales Data and view options of Daily Performance and Monthly Performance
Quick links are placed at most commonly clicked area of the screen to help you expedite website management

Admin panel is elegantly designed to put little stress. New drop-down menus make almost every section of admin panel available on every page

Graphs and Plots

Groupon Clone Script now has Graphs and Plots to represent the data. Pictorial representations speak more than hundred thousand lines of data

Analyze data using easy to view, ajax based graphs

Select to view daily or monthly performance of your daily deals business, with the options to view information about Users, Orders, and Sales




Deal Map – The Nearby Deals Module

Groupon Clone Script now features the ‘Deal Map’ – a Nearby deal module that shows nearby deals on Google Map. With the Ajax interface, your users can view deal details through a simple click of map icon. Zoom-in or Zoom-out can show more deals or focused area deals as per user’s choice




Multi-location & Multi-city Deals

Groupon Clone Script has support for featuring same deal in multiple cities and at multiple locations within the cities. Daily deal script is plotted on map and information on more locations of the deal is enclosed below map, to make it more user-friendly and reduce the bounce rates.

Daily deal Google map can be enlarged for wider view. The function is built on ajax and appears as a pop-up in the same window.




PDF Invoice/Payment Receipt for Paid Transactions

Groupon Clone Script has introduced PDF Invoice over email for the confirmation of successful transaction and as payment receipt. Now your customer will not doubt the purchase. When this module is installed and enabled, they will receive payment receipt over email

Admin can change settings to receive in BCC the copy of invoice and/or keep invoices on the server


Ajax based Gift Deal Module

Gifting a deal has never been so easy. Groupon Clone Script allows your customer gift a deal in easy steps, without any hassle. Interface is ajax based and user-friendly.



New IP based City Routing Module

Groupon Clone Script now features robust Maxmind’s GeoIP integration. With the data locally hosted on your server, IP routing is fast and more reliable. No external API interface is required. Route users to the deals of a city, based on his current location [Requires download of free version of database. For better features, you can purchase the paid version at MaxMind]

When city of a user is not available on your website, the user can suggest his city and select from existing ‘Cities’ to view deals and related information


User-friendly Subscription Box

New subscription box is now more user-friendly and intelligent. The box includes links to all the categories and allows user to subscribe to the deals of a city. The box appears when the user is not logged in or hasn’t subscribed yet



View Deals by Category Module

Groupon Clone Script has new module to allow users view deals by category. User can view deal zone and upcoming deals based on their preferred category





Manage Site Policies from Admin Panel

Manage site policies and push notification for the user to keep billing address updated. Maintaining the security of the data, billing address is now shown on the screen, unless user opts to add or edit the data. Admin can add billing for invoice module [when installed] from admin control panel’s system settings

On same page, Admin can set up other site policies based on business requirements




Activity and Error Logging Module

Groupon Clone Script logs the critical and error messages and presents the data on the dashboard of admin panel. Admin can view data in three forms: – All Recent Activities and Errors [25 recent messages], All Recent Activities, and Error Log

Error logging can be enabled for more activities and messages by adding one line of code at the desired location/function of the program [This can be done by adding code]


Terms of Services for Purchase

Users of Groupon Clone Script are concerned when they do not have complete information of terms of services for the purchase of deals. Groupon Clone Script allows to show or update the terms of service and disclaimers of your business along with the fine-print of the deal. Terms of service for purchase are shown on the buy deal page




New Design and Template

Groupon Clone Script is new design and template based business enabler to provide rich experience and elegance. New templates can be integrated along with existing templates and can be switched based on business needs.

Display settings in the admin panel allows admin to select the template of choice [when more than one template is installed]. Admin and business template remains separate, thus, no more worry about impact to customization work when installing new admin or business panel features


View more details, features, and enhancements in the demo at

* Gripsell uses terms like ‘Daily Deals Script’ and ‘Daily Deals Aggregator Script’ purely for marketing purpose. Gripsell Adv Script is a daily deals business script and does not use code or design or source of Groupon or Yipit.


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