iConverge Features

Features Description
Admin Section
Affiliate websites management Admin can create their affilaite websites
Modify existing websites Admin can modify existing deal website details like logo, Url etc
Add API details for existing websites Admin can have an interface to add api details of existing affilaite networks(Jackmedia)
Remove websites Admin can remove any deal website/source
Add categories Admin can add categories that will be assigned to affilaited deals of the website
Modify existing categories Admin can edit category information
Remove categories Admin can delete the categories of existing deals
Statistical number of deal visits Admin can view statistical information of deal visits in Admin panel dashboard
Count of live deals Admin can see the count of live deals available in the website at dashboard
Count of available categories and websites Admin can see the count of websites and categories available in the website at dashboard
Deal visits by categories, websites and cities Admin can see the number of deal visits by each category, website and city
Multi Language Admin can manage the website in mupltiple languages
Multiple Admins Super admin of the website can create multiple admins and set accessible permissions to them
Manage Users Admin can view, manage available users of the website
Manage locations Admin can create/ manage locations like country, state and cities of the website
Manage content pages Admin can create/ manage content pages of the website. Admin can also create blog posts for the website
Manage Footer links Admin can manage the links available at footer section of user side of the website
Edit website css Admin can edit css of user side of website
Edit template files Admin can edit template file of user side of the website
User Section
City based deals User can see only the deals available in the selected city
Deals filtering by categories User can filter the deals by required categories
Deals filting by websites User can filter the deals by required websites/sources
Ajax based filtering of deals The filtering of the deals is ajax based filtering which filters the deals without refreshing the page completely.
Deal title based search for every key press On every key press of user in the search bar, it will filter the deals by deal title matched with entered keyword
List and Grid views of deals Users can view the deals in both list and Grid views
Pagination of deals Deals of the website will be divided into mutiple pages using pagination instead of showing all deals in single page
Change city User can change city any time to view other city deals
Multi language User can view the website in their prefered language out of languages availabel in the website
Tracking of deal visits All deal views by users will be tracked and will shown the statistics of visits in adminpanel dashboard
Auto expiry of deals The deals will be auto expired once it craosses the expiry date set for it
Time counter for each deal Every deal will show a time counter which indicates the time left for that deal

* List given above is indicative of features of application and may change without prior notification in different editions and versions. Feature titles may have different meaning for different people. For details on any feature title mention above, please contact us.

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