iMerchant Features

Features Description
Admin Section
Deal categories Admin can add multiple deal categories
Modify existing deal categories Admin can edit the existing deal categories
Two levels of categories Admin can add two levels of categories i.e., main category and its sub category
List and tree views of categories Admin can view deal categories in both list and tree views
Classification of deals by categotries and further sub-categories Admin can assign category to the deal. For each deal only sub category will be assigned
Multi city deals Admin can map multiple cities for each deal
Time based deals Start and end date can be set to each deal by admin
Admin preview of stopped deals Admin can have a preview of uploaded deal even it is stopped where no other user will be allowed to view that deal
Auto image resize The deals images will be resized to required sizes automatically based on uploaded size ratio
Upload multiple Images Admin can upload multiple images for each deal
SEO meta information Admin can add the SEO information for each deal which allows better indexing of deal in search engines
Insert Youtube video Admin can add the youtube video url related to that deal
Rate Cards Admin can upload Rate cards of the deal which represent Menu card information of the deals
Additional options for same deal Deal options are other purchase options of the deal related to that particular deal
Deal Locations Admin can add the deals locations or retailer address which helps user to locate redeemption location of the deal coupon
Related Deals Admin can assign related deals of a particular deal
Cloning of expired deals Admin can make a clone of a deal information whena deal got expired which allows to restart the deal with out changing existing information of the deal
Manage deal reviews Admin can see the list of user reviews of the deal and can approve/ disapprove the review to view it in front area
Deals search panel Admin can search deals by deals title, category, date and time etc using search panel availabel at display listing
Making the deals featured Admin can make any deal as featured deal
Manage deal executives Admin can assign executives for the deal who brought the deals from merchant
Manage deals merchants Admin can add, edit deal merchants of the website
Manage retailers of each merchant Admin can add,edit retailers of each merchant in which users can redeem their deal coupons
Statistics of deal orders on dashboard Admin can see the statistics information of deal orders like completed, pending and cancelled orders information by daily, weekly,monthly and yearly
Graphical representation of deal orders per month Admin can also see the graphical bar representation of sales in each month
Recent user reviews on the dashboard On dashboard admin can view recently submitted user reviews list
Instant access for the refund requests on the dashboard On dashboard admin can view the refund request submitted by users recently
Manage taxes and tax structures Admin can manage taxes and tax structures which wil be assigned to each deal if required
Manage payment modules Admin can manage all exiting payment modules in the website. They can enable /disable the payment modules. They can add required payment gateway api details
Manage orders placed by users Sales management allows admin to view and manage all orders made by users
Manage Refund request raised by users Admin can also view and manage refund requests raised by users. Admin can approve / disapprove the request
Pdf Invoicing Admin can export the invoice of the order in pdf format
Redeem coupons Admin can reddem the coupons purchased for each deal
Deals Newsletter Admin can create newsleter for all subscribers with the required deals through admin interface
Manage promocodes Admin can create and manage promocodes of the website which can be distributed to users for promotional pupose and they can avail some discount
Manage cash voucher codes Admin can also create and manage cash voucher codes in which the users can redeem this cash vouchers into their account to add voucher amount into their account balance
Manage Gift cards Admin view all gift cards purchased by users. Admin can also create new gift card and send the gift card details for promotional purpose
Manage Banners Admin add / modify banners for yor website. Admin can assign link to each banner, so that on clicking on banner user will be redirected to respective url given to that banner
Manage slides Admin add / modify slides for yor website. Admin can assign link to each slide, so that on clicking on slide user will be redirected to respective url given to that slide
Manage sales and user reports Admin can downlod reports of sales and users of the website
Multi Language Admin will be allowed to add mutiple languages in the website and allows admin to add deal information in multiple languages available in the website
Multiple Admins Super admin of the website can create multiple admins and set accessible permissions to them
Manage Users Admin can view, manage available users of the website
Manage locations Admin can create/ manage locations like country, state and cities of the website
Manage Content pages Admin can create/ manage content pages of the website. Admin can also create blog posts for the website
Manage Footer links Admin can manage the links available at footer section of user side of the website
Edit website css Admin can edit css of user side of website
Edit template files Admin can edit template file of user side of the website
User Section
Deals description page User can view detailed page of each deal which will show complete information of the deal
Social Sharing User will be allowed to share the deal information through social websites
Google maps for retailer address The retailer addresses of the deal will be shown in google map for ease acces of user
Refer a Friend User can refer a friend so that the user can gain reffered amount when the referred user purchases any deals
Payment Gateways User can choose required payment gateway out of available payment gateways during checkout process
Shopping Cart Shopping cart of the website allows user to add multiple deals in the cart and also allows to increase the quantity of the deal. All the deal availabel in the cart can be purchased at a time
Gift A Deal User can gift a deal to their friends. The gifted deal coupon will be sent automatically friends email
List & Grid Views of deals User can view the deal in list and grid formats
Deal Buy Options User can choose one of the purchase options of the deal if available
Multi-city Deals User can visit mutiple cities and view deals of selected city
Option to view Youtube video User can view the embeded youtube video added to that deal
Allow partial payments User can pay partial amaount of deal and pay remaining to merchant directly based on the the setting value added to the deal
Time based deals The deals will be available to users in the time interval set to the deal
Multi image support In deals detailed page all images of the deal will be shown to user with image thumbs
View ratecards in a fancy box popup User can see all available ratecards of the deal in fancy box popup
Deal reviews User can add review to deal after purchasing that deal
Zoom feature for images The zooming feature of deal image allows user to have clear view each deal image
Multi language User can select required language out of available languages in the website to see the website in that language
Multi currency User can change currency out of available currencies to view prices in required currency
Search option by individual categories User can search deals by each category
Search deals in all categories User can search deals in all categories
Common merchant description for the deals User can see common merchant description set for merchant in all deals of that merchant
Change city User can change city any time to view all deals of that city
Featured deals User can view all featured deals available in the website
Related deals user can see all related deal of a deal in deal deatailed page
Popular deals by user purchases User can see popular deals of the website based on most purchased deals
Recently viewed details Users can see their recently viewed deals in deal detailed page
Time counter for each deal Time counter is available for each deal to represent the time left for the deal to expire
Auto expiry of deals The deals will get auto expired once deal reaches its end time
Admin preview for stopped/cancelled deals The stopped/cancelled deals of the website will not be available for users. However admin can preview the detailed page of the deals with message showing “Admin preview” at the top of the page
Breadcrum navigation of deals Breadcrum navigation links will be available in deals detailed page which allows user to go back to category page and home page of deals
User subscription User can subscribe to interested city any time to receive newsletters from website
Display of cart on the main page An advanced sticky cart available in the website allows user to view items of the cart on the home page without going to shopping cart.
Merchant panel
Categorization of Deals by sub categories Deals will be assigned to respective deal categories. Only subcategories will be assigned to deal
Multi city deals For each deal merchant can assign multiple cities
Time based deals Merchant set deals start and end date in wqhich the deal will be available to users only between start and end dates
Upload multiple Images Merchant can upload mutiple images for the deals which will be displayed to user in detailed [page of deal
SEO meta information Merchant can add seo meta infromation for the deal which will allow better indexing in search engines
Insert Youtube video Merchanat can add youtube video link for deal retalted to that deal
Rate Cards Merchant can upload multiple rate cards for the deal. Rate cards are like menu cards of the deal
Deal additional options Deal options are other purchase options of the deal related to that particular deal
Deal Locations Merchant can add the deals locations or retailer address which helps user to locate redeemption location of the deal coupon
Related Deals Merchant can assign related deals of a particular deal
Manage deal reviews Merchant see deal reviews of the deals added by them
Deals search panel Merchant can search deals by deals title, category, date and time etc using search panel availabel at display listing
Manage orders placed by users Merchant can view all order placed for the deals added by them
Redeem coupons Merchant can redden the coupons bought for their deals
Retailer Panel
Redeem coupons Retailers will be allowed to redeem the coupons purchased for their deals

* List given above is indicative of features of application and may change without prior notification in different editions and versions. Feature titles may have different meaning for different people. For details on any feature title mention above, please contact us.

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