6 graphics that can change the looks of your website

No one wants his website to look same as any other website but sometimes messing up with HTML and CSS is also cumbersome, especially when you don’t know the A, B, and C of HTML/CSS. With Gripsell, changing the looks of the website is as easy as learning A, B, C.

All you need is a good graphic editor, even a free editor like Paint.NET will do.

Go to /themes/css/default folder (within ‘public’ folder if you have secured architecture version) and locate the following 6 graphics:


Edit/replace these graphics as per your choice. Though you can change the size (Pixels, resolution, dimensions, etc.) of these graphics, it is not recommended.

Once completed, upload these back to the /themes/css/default folder and see the changes.

Good luck!


Note: All changes must be done at your sole discretion. Clone Portal will not be responsible for any issue/problem arising because of these changes. Make sure to back up the files and data before committing any change.

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