Launch of open source Groupon Clone – New script version

Demo of Gripsell’s Groupon Clone – Gripsell Adv w/Secured Architecture – is now available at
Dec 01 Gripsell has announced the launch of new version of open source* groupon clone script, ver5.0. New version is now available with the advanced features of groupon clone. New groupon clone script version is available for free for existing customers. It can be downloaded from client area. Complete features list is available in the groupon clone features section.

Gripsell also announced exciting new deals for it’s groupon clone product series. Gripsell is soon going to launch hosted solutions for it’s scripts.

About Groupon Clone:
Groupon clone is a generic term used for daily deals business enabler software, similar (but not exactly) to Some of the synonyms popular in the market are – “groupon clone script”, “daily deals script, “group buying script”. There phrases are primarily used by Gripsell as marketing terms and have nothing to do with the source code of Concept of group buying emerges from well know term “economies of scale”. When large number of buyers come together to purchase a product, the manufacturing/selling cost goes down. Thus, reduced margins still contribute to increased profit.

Three people are important in such type of model – Admin (who owns daily deals website), Merchant (who offers deals; can be admin also), Buyer (who is interested in the deals). Merchant offers deals and commission to the Admin to sell deals (sell large number of products at comparatively lower price) on his group buying website. Buyers are benefited through discounts.

About Gripsell:
Gripsell is the web applications development company offering products and services like Custom Application Development, Web Application Development, Enterprise Application Development, Software Maintenance, .Net Migration, Offshore Development Center, E-commerce Solution, Software Quality Assurance, Web Marketing, Website Design, Search Engine Optimization and many more. Gripsell Technologies & Consultancy Services is one of the leading provider of PHP and MySQL based business enabler scripts, for online businesses, selling deals to the groups of people. Gripsell Technologies & Consultancy Services offers a superior portfolio of high quality modules and add-ons for realizing the full range of value and functionality.

*Script code is open except licensing files.

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