PCI Compliance Drive

Gripsell Technologies & Consultancy Services announces the PCI Standards Compliance Drive for it’s existing clients. This is primarily for the clients who accepts Credit Card/Debit Card information on their website and wish to accept it in the future. If you are using Authorize.Net Payment Gateway, you might want to check if your website/practices adhere to the requirements.

How do I know if PCI applies to my business
If your business accepts credit cards, whether over the internet or on paper, then PCI applies to your business. The general rule states that if you process, store or transmit cardholder data then you must adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard v1.2 (PCI DSS v1.2).

How do I prove to my banks or my customers that my business is PCI Compliant?
Depending on the number of transactions performed annually, Merchants and Service Providers must conduct quarterly vulnerability scans and either fill out a Self as.sessment Questionnaire or have a Qualified Security as.sessor audit the business entity against the PCI DSS.
Visit Visa’s website below to learn more about the various Merchant and Service Provider levels.
Next, go to the PCI Security Standards Council website and check their compliance requirements.

How Gripsell Technologies & Consultancy Services Will Help?

Gripsell Technologies & Consultancy Services will provide all script/development/customization support to it’s client who wish to participate in this drive. This also includes SSL implementation, secured hosting (e.g. cloud hosting), and more.


The PCI Compliance self as.sessment questionnaires (SAQ Validation Type 1):

English Version
French (CA) Translation
French (EU) Translation
German Translation
Italian Translation
Japanese Translation
Portuguese Translation
Spanish Translation

PCI Data Security Standard v1.2


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