Pinterest Clone Features

Feature Description
Admin Section
Dashboard Statistics Admin can view the statistics of the website like number of pins,boards and users added per day, month and year.
Manage Categories Admin can manage the categories of most useful pins and admin can add new categories based on user requirement and admin can edit the category name and change the enable/disable any category.
Manage Boards Admin can manage all the boards created by users and can edit and delete the boards if required.and also admin can enable/disable boards
Content Management Admin can change the content of all static pages like Help, Press, Team, Careers, Blog, Pinit button,Copy right,Trademark etc…
Manage Email Templates Admin can modify the email templates of the website to add any additional information or to modify design of it.
Manage Users / Sending Invitations to Users Admin can mange all available users of the website. Admin can see the pending requests and also can send the invitation links for them.Admin can block,delete the user.
Reported check pins Admin can check the reported pins if any pin is reported by users and admin can change the pin status or he can delete the pin after checking the reported pins
Third party integration details Admin can add third party details like Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and twitter API details to allow users tomap their account to thirdparty websites for login and invite friends
Amazon S3 Service integration Admin can add API details of Amazon S3 service. Admin can also export available pin images into Amazon if they want to start the service. Admin can also inport pin m=images from the Amazon the website, if they want to stop the service
Change Logo Admin upload/ change the logo of the website
Setting up of website details Admin can add all required details of the website like Support email , Support contact number, website name and mail protocol details
Mange multiple Admin Admin can add/ manage multiple admins for the website
User Section
Board Creation Users can create their own boards under categories defined by the administrator and they can create pins (images as well as videos) under own boards.They can view other users boards and pins they can repin it into their own boards.
Pin Creation Users can organize and share online images that they find interesting or inspiring and also their favorite Images called as Pins will be created under boards.These pins are related to all the categories and to all the people.User can share their beautiful ideas.
Repinning The Repinning process is easy process to spread interested pin information quickly in the Gripsell Pinterest Clone. Repinning will allow every user on the website to share a certain image with the website via his profile in just seconds. This way,the user can add his own thoughts while creating an image and share with others.
Invite Friends Gripsell pinterest clone has a great feature similar to Pinterest called invitation system.In this way the users can invite their friends who will use the website in a good way or whom they prefer most.
Request an invite Users can send a request to register into your website. And after receiving the request admin will send an invitaion link to the user to register into the website
Facebook login/Twitter login Gripsell Pinterest Clone incorporates a login/registration system based on two of the most popular social media website out there – Twitter and Facebook.Users can promote your website to facebook,twitter friends quickly.
Share with facebook, twitter and email Users will be allowed to share any pin information through Facebook, twitter and Email
Commenting System User can add comments to pins and can see all the comments posted by other users
Likes System User can add like to the pin they loved
Following Other Pinterest Users User can follow other users on the pinterest and they can see their regular activities on their profile
Search option Serach option in the website allows user to search pins of the website
Endless Scrolling This feature allows user to view all pins of the website in the same page by scrolling. The pins will be loaded for each page scroll untill no pins left
Scroll to top This feature allows user to navigate to top of the page from any location of home page
Pinit Bookmark This features allows user to add your website’s pinit button into their browser’s bookmark. Then they can pin any image they like in the website they are browsing though this button
Pinit Button for websites This button allows users to integrate the given code into their website to allow that website users to pin their images
Notification settings Users can manage their notifications like likes, comments, follows and repins
Price tag for pin User can add price tag to a pin they are uploading . They can also mention the URL of the product image that they are uploading. The users can filter the pins with the range of prices of the pins through Gift section

* List given above is indicative of features of application and may change without prior notification in different editions and versions. Feature titles may have different meaning for different people. For details on any feature title mention above, please contact us.

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