To ensure that Gripsell script(s) will install and run successfully, you must first ensure that all components upon which your application is dependent are already installed on the target hosting server:

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Requirements Checker

Follow instructions below to check server configuration

1. Download from here the Requirements Checker script

2. Extract requirements.php from zip file

3. Upload requirements.php to your site home directory (ex. ‘/home/user/public_html’)

4. Access requirements.php file in browser (ex.

Hosting type:
Gripsell Fox-e and iSuite applications require VPS or Dedicated or Amazon Cloud server.

Operating System:
┬╗Gripsell recommends RHEL/CentOS

Control Panel:
Any control panel with phpMyAdmin and ability to run cron commands and to assign writable/access permissions to files and folders.

┬╗Gripsell recommends cPanel hosting

MySQL version 5 or higher

Technical Requirements:
PHP version 5.4 or higher
IonCube Loaders
Apache / IIS (Gripsell recommends Apache)
PHP Extensions
GD extension with gif/jpeg read/write and FreeType support
Mod rewrite in case of Apache / URL Rewrite module 2.0 for IIS 7 or above
MySQL extension
XML extension
Common Functions like FOPEN/FWRITE/FREAD/URL FILE-ACCESS [required for Clopone Crawlers], CURL, and PHPMAIL must be enabled

Mysql Settings:
STRICT mode must be disabled

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Other recommended hosting providers:

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