Yipit Clone – Daily Deals Aggregator Script

First glimpse of Gripsell Tech’s Yipit-clone — Clopone — is now available at

May 01, 2011, Gripsell Technologies & Consultancy Services & Consultancy Services announced the release of live demo of its forthcoming deals aggregation script, Clopone, a Yipit-clone. The daily deals aggregation script is developed in PHP and MySQL. Daily deal aggregation script is designed to collect the best of deals from the top-notch daily deals website like Groupon, Tiprr, Living Social, and many more. Expected to be released around mid May, the script has been in demand since its beta announcement. Surprisingly, Gripsell Tech has received advance demand offers for the script.

Currently, there are only handful Yipit-clones in the market that requires you to retrieve the deals information from their server using slow and breaking APIs. Clopone is designed to aggregate the daily deals on your server, thus, making it fast, reliable, and the best solution. This will also eliminate the every minute dependency on other’s servers and the down-time when the deals API servers are down.

Gripsell is expected to announce the price and pre-release booking offer by the end of this week. Follow us on twitter @gripsell for updates.

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