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Clopone Yipit Clone script helps you setup Yipit like website that aggregates the best of daily deals

Demo of Gripsell Tech’s Yipit-clone — Clopone — is now available at http://dademo.gripsell.com

List of deals websites that are crawled by Clopone – http://www.gripsell.com/yipit-clone/yipit-clone-crawlers


Yipit clone – the daily deals aggregation script – is developed in PHP and MySQL and is designed to collect the best of deals from the top-notch daily deals website like Groupon, Tiprr, Living Social, and many more. Daily deals aggregation script has been in demand since its beta announcement. With so many Groupon Clones coming up everyday, customers now rely on deals aggregators like Clopone script for ready-to-use and highly deals information collection.

Currently, there are only handful Yipit-clones in the market that requires you to retrieve the deals information from their server using slow and breaking APIs. Clopone is designed to aggregate the daily deals on your server, thus, making it fast, reliable, and the best solution. This will also eliminate the every minute dependency on other’s servers and the down-time when the deals API servers are down.


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Yipit-Clone Daily Deals Aggregator Features

Now featuring deals from 45+ websites. » Click Here to view Daily Deals Coverage in Yipit Clone

Check demo at http://dademo.gripsell.com

PHP/MySQL Software

Introducing “I Got it!” for Yipit Clone – Automatic Coupon Reminders New!
– Your visitors will never miss the coupons they bought. Just add coupons for reminders
– Set alert as per choice (day, week, month)
– Attach coupon copy
– Mark as used/unused
– Coupon management
– Information automatically when deals is selected (Websites like KGB Deals, Scoopon do not allow frame view. In case of such websites, ‘I got it!’ option might not be available and coupon details need to be filled manually)

Prioritize Your Yipit Clone’s Deals Websites New!
– Set priority for daily deals websites (at website level)
– Deals will be displayed in a sequence based on website priority
– Ajax interface

Visual Deals Filters New!
– Filter deals based on Price and Discounts
– Separate filters for cities
– Visual selection

Auto Grouping of Deals (With No Category Defined) New!
– Missed the keyword for category or deleted category of a deal. No worries! Yipit Clone will automatically put deal into ‘Misc Deals’
– Misc Deals support for both live deals and past deals

Auto Janitor Feature New!
– Clean database using auto janitor (through Cron Job)
– Remove old deals that eat up your database
– Improved performance
– Select number of days to keep deals

Fast loading New!
– Super caching and query optimization loads deals faster

Social Media for Deals New!
– Now “Tweet” the deals
– Live Facebook ‘Like’ for deals

Front-end Features of Yipit Clone

SEO Friendly URLs
White label, your own brand
User can subscribe to cities of choice and categories of interest
Daily deals automatically updated regularly
IP-based deals display (IP-based route to user’s city)
Deals timer
Deals value/Savings/Discount
Offer a global solution – Country + City support
Tick cities that have current deals
Auto-pagination of deals
Multiple currency support
Category-wise classification
Real time filtering and sorting
Filter by categories
Past deals
Ajax search for deals
City based deals filtering
Side deals (Special offers)
Facebook connect module
Subscription box
Banners support
Deals source information
Fast-load caching
Forums/Discussion board
Built-in Blogging Module
User comments for blogging module
Feature your website option
Static pages – FAQs/ Jobs/ Advertise/ Policies/ Jobs/ Press
Social media (Follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Subscribe)

Back-end Features of Yipit Clone

Add/manage administrators
Set admin permissions – Delegate to admin and control access to different sections of the website
Deals click statistics and analysis
View clicks by websites/categories/cities
Content management (CMS) module – Manage static pages/Add, delete, or update pages
FAQs module
Manage email templates – WYSIWYG Editor
Import users
Mailing list management
Manage cities
Add new cities
Manage countries
Add new countries
Manage daily deals websites
Manage deals
Edit/delete sourced deals
Option to add deals manually
Inquiry management
Business suggestion management
Manage forum topics and replies
Manage categories
Specify deals keywords for categories for intelligent filtering
Manage banners
Blog management module
Manage meta tags
Manage social links
Manage users
Manage affiliate queries – reply from the admin panel

To view more features and script in action, check deals aggregator demo at http://dademo.gripsell.com

Disclaimer: Gripsell Technologies & Consultancy Services is not responsible for third-party content displayed using this script. Deals shown in the demo are not intended for commercial sale and are shown for presentation only. Content may be subject to copyright. You are requested to read policies of daily deals websites before feeding/fetching content from their website. Deal feed from a website can be turned on/off from the admin panel or by removing the caching module for the website.

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